The 16 Best Saucony Running Shoe Review of 2019

SAUCONY is currently a subsidiary of Wolverine Worldwide. In addition to Saucony, Wolverine Worldwide’s subsidiaries include Merrell, CAT, Hush Puppies, Sperry, Sebago, and Keds, etc. Note: The Saucony running shoes described in this article do not include Saucony’s retro running shoe series and the “Life on the run” series.


Saucony Running Shoes Technical Analysis

In the past few years, the core technology of SAUCONY’s running shoes is GRID. Through continuous upgrade and evolution, GRID has transformed into PWRGRID, even PWRGRID+. Different from Asics GEL, Saucony launched EVERUN as a total breakthrough. Even though the current competition for running midsole materials is getting worse, Everun’s reputation still earns great fame.


Everun Technology

The research of Everun embarked jointly by the Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and New Material Technology Co., Ltd. It is mainly based on the large-scale preparation technology of TPU “popcorn” with supercritical CO2 fluid as the foaming agent and steam-forming midsole.

This technique sounds complicated. Saucony claims that the performance of its cushioning shall last for 3 times longer than previous technology, with energy feedback of up to 83%. While the energy feedback of traditional running shoes normally ranges at 40-60%, and the Adidas Boost material is 70%.

Everun currently presents in three forms. One is Everun Topsole, which is the addition of Everun’s “upper bottom” between the insole and the midsole. The the second is the Everun interlayer, sandwiched in the heel position. Finally, since last year’s Freedom Iso, Saucony’s flagship running shoes have all become the ultra-luxury configuration with the entire palm Everun. It is expectable that performance is more outstanding.



ISOFIT upper is a special kind of wrapping technology for upper. Through this technology, it integrates the support stick, the shoelace, tongue, lining, and upper into a whole system. t can be faster and easier for runners to wear on, as well as achieving the fitness, support, lightweight, and heat dissipation.

At present, ISOFIT uppers have applied to Saucony’s high-end shoes. The current ISO series are Freedom ISO, Triumph ISO, Hurricane ISO, Redeemer ISO, etc. With the recent Guide ISO, it is expected that some classic running shoes will upgrade with ISOFIT uppers.



The GRID system is Saucony’s core cushioning technology and is recognized as the first midsole technology system that provides both cushioning and stabilization. The Grid system consists of a Grid function box that is in between the midsole and the heel. It is made of indomitable and firm, highly elastic rubber Hytrel to be woven into a net form body.

This system uses Hytrel high-toughness elastic fiber to press the outer side of the midsole to form a 3D elastic net. It absorbs the impact force and does great cushioning. Moreover, it strengthens the offset effect of the midsole to the inner and outer forces of the foot, thereby improving stability and movement control. This represents a great reduction of the impact on the human body from the feet.

In 1991, the GRID midsole has come out real. And it has lasted for almost 30 years. GRID has constantly updated and developed, and there are still some running shoes using Grid midsole. From the development history, it is Grid→Pro Grid→POWER GRID→PWRGRID+. At the era of PWRGRID+, the system earns an outstanding performance both in terms of performance and reputation. This brings up excellent cushioning and resilience. With Everun constantly updated, most of the high-end running shoes are gradually adopting the Everun midsole.


2019 Saucony Running Shoe Reviews

Some of the diagrams above the running shoe matrix are from Amazon, and some of the data and content listed below are from the Saucony US official website. In terms of functionality, some low-end running shoes are not very meaningful, and the running shoes I listed in the matrix are all high-end series. Saucony’s mid-to-high-end running shoes are basically the same in function. More top-notch, and there are many classic series.


Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Top Cushioning Running Shoes



Verdict: the breathable coverage. the right amount of support. soft and responsive cushioning. roomy toe box is comfortable. a bit tighter then usual

The biggest highlight of the latest Triumph ISO 4 is the use of the full palm EVERUN cushioning midsole. The springs of the front toe and the heel are both 8mm. This feature is more suitable for entry-level runners and heel-to-the-ground runners. The appearance is more succinct than the previous generation, while still applying engineering mesh and heat pressing material, offering lightweight and breathable characteristics.

Although Everun has released for 16 years, Saucony did not venture into the use of Everun to replace the GRID material until the recent versions launched out.

Triumph is Saucony classic top cushioning series. There were 11 generations before the Triumph ISO, and the Triumph ISO has reached the current four generations. So there are already 15 generations in total. The Triumph ISO only upgraded the upper as ISOFIT, while the Triumph ISO 2 added the EVERUN mezzanine and EVERUN uppers. The Triumph ISO 3 expanded the EVERUN mezzanine area, and the Triumph ISO 4 has finally upgraded to full-palm EVERUN.

As a classic top-level series, after adding the whole palm EVERUN, the weight of men’s shoes dropped from 312 grams in the third generation to 306 grams. The weight change is not big, but there should be a big improvement in performance.

In addition, the guide price of this pair of shoes has changed from the original 150 dollars to the fourth generation of 160 dollars. Compared with the upgrade range, it is definitely worth the price.


Saucony Ride ISO/ISO 2 Cushioning Running Shoes


Verdict: comfortable and flexible. various color schemes. roomy forefoot section. Nice the ankle and heel support. lightweight construction of the Ride ISO. this shoe look bulky

The Saucony Ride 10 is the second cushioning running shoe, which won the Best Upgrade Award for Runner World in the summer of 2017. With the newly developed ISOFIT dynamic fit system, lightweight fit. The upper is engineering mesh fabric, which increases the breathability. The outer layer covers with the classic Saucony Flex Film support material. That increases the extension and fit of the upper. The heel position develops a new design for enhancement of stability and the outer layer adds weaving technology to enhance the stability of the entire heel.

The midsole uses the full palm PWRFoam midsole material, which is better than the previous EVA material. The upper layer uses the EVERUN midsole to help increase the cushioning and resilience of the midsole. The outsole still applies XT-900 wear-resistant carbon rubber, adding IBR+ foam rubber in the forefoot area, which is lighter in material and can improve cushioning protection. Although it is the top running shoes, it is still a bit worse in configuration than the top-of-the-line Triumph ISO.

Still, the midsole PWRFoam material is also a new type of material, 100% injection molding, lighter and more elastic. At the same time, the continuation of the previous generation of the Everun is a guarantee of outstanding performance. With the expected launch of RIDE ISO 2, RIDE ISO and RIDE 10 will definitely experience a wave of price cuts. It can be expectable that they still have a very high price/performance ratio.


Saucony Echelon 7 Top Cushioning Running Shoes


Verdict: the comfortable fit. large toe-box. right amount of support. good-looking colors. size larger than usual. heavier construction

Echelon 6 prices at $130, $10 less than Ride 10. The official position is Neutral, which means it is not specifically the support and control system.

It is a very special type of running shoe designed for runners who are using corrective medical insoles. Similar products include NB 840, ASICS Gel Fortitude, and so on. These running shoes have specific shoe lasts different from the general cushioning and support shoes (Saucony refers these lasts to the Foundation Platform).

The shape of these lasts is often wider and therefore more stable, also bigger inner space for the corrective insoles. For runners who do not use the corrective insole, they can still enjoy those exclusive benefits of special lasts. These attributes may be more suitable for runners with bigger or wider feet.

Compared with the previous generation, the Echelon 6 has upgraded to the EVERUN base. Also, this pair adds the Sauc-Fit stabilization system. The thickness of the PU insole has increased from 6MM to 8MM. The positioning is the same as that of the previous generation (for runners who need corrective insoles). Men’s weight is up to 303 grams, comparable to Triumph ISO 4.


Saucony Hurricane ISO 4/5 Top Support Running Shoes


Verdict: the breathable coverage. the strong support for midsole while with soft flexible outsole. roomy toe box is comfortable. a bit tighter then usual

High-quality tongue and collar filling, soft and comfortable. ISOFIT dynamic fit system, lightweight fit. The upper is designed with an engineering woven mesh surface. The heel support frame provides extra stability protection. EVERUN upper + midsole configuration is comfortable to wear. In general, this pair offers long-lasting cushioning effect, and TRI-FLEX outsole is lighter and more flexible.

As a top-level support sequence, Hurricane is as classic as the Triumph series. 16 generations before the Hurricane ISO, plus 4 generations of Hurricane ISO. There is a total of 20 generations of this series, very classic. This fourth generation of Hurricane ISO finally equips with full-palm EVERRUN midsole.

Hurricane ISO can be the support version of Triumph ISO. The most important difference is the support material (grey part) on the inside of the arch. The guide price is 5 dollars less and the weight is 12 grams less than the Triumph ISO 4.


Saucony LIBERTY ISO Top Support Running Shoes


Verdict: Responsive and supportive. the fit was perfect. lightweight structure. upper construction was excellent. durable outsole. price was high. 1/2 size larger than their usual measurements

As the first evaluation of the Freedom ISO with full palm EVERUN cushioning technology, this pair has earned quite good fame. Liberty ISO is a product that adds supportive stability to the Freedom ISO. It adds a small TPU support strip on the inside of the midsole, which is more suitable for low arch(OverPronation) and long distance runners.

In addition, ISOFIT uppers ensure wrapping function, and 4mm spring of front and heel are generating more sensitive and flexible experience. The most important thing is that EVERUN cushioning material applies on the upper and midsole. The foot touch is very good, the crystal rubber outsole is wear-resistant. It’s also bright in style. It’s worth buying.

Liberty ISO can be a support version of Freedom ISO. Compared to Freedom ISO, it enhances the upper support and adds a TPU support bar to the midsole. The full palm EVERUN and crystal outsole are exactly the same as Freedom ISO.

For the positioning, Freedom ISO (255g for men) is the top lightweight running shoes, then Liberty ISO (275g for men) can be the top lightweight support shoes.

Liberty ISO is suitable for runners who need a certain amount of support but don’t want to run with too heavy shoes. This different from Hurricane ISO 4.


Saucony Omni ISO Support Running Shoes


Verdict: the fit was perfect. great stability. lightweight. responsive.

Saucony has two classic secondary support series, OMNI and GUIDE. OMNI’s guide price is $10 less than GUIDE. OMNI 16 also uses EVERUN upper base, plus Sauc-fit support and ultra-thick midsole. The support function will be better than the GUIDE, suitable for runners with clubfoot issue.

The Omni 15 has entered the cycle of crazy price cuts. Considering that the Omni 16 has a limited upgrade compared to the Omni 15, purchasing 16 can be a good option, too.


Saucony Guide ISO 2 Top Support Running Shoes


Verdict: comfortable and provides great in-shoe feel.  very durable. good stability. overall design and stylish. reasonable price. a little too stiff to start. 

GUIDE ISO is a replacement for GUIDE 10. It incorporates ISOFIT upper technology. The shoe tongue and upper form a soft structure. It is very comfortable. The separate lace frame on both sides can guarantee the dynamic support of the upper. The midsole is the EVERUN technology midsVole, offering a solid and comfortable cushioning. The outsole is still a wavy, line-like texture that fits the wear-resistant rubber.

Compared with GUIDE 10, the upgrade of GUIDE ISO can be more obvious. The first is the ISOFIT upper. The second is that the midsole has upgraded to the same PWRFoam material as RIDE 10. These two upgrades. In terms of affordability, this pair surpasses OMNI 16. And GUIDE ISO is still not increasing the price, which remains at 120 dollars.


Saucony Redeemer ISO 2 Control Running Shoes


Verdict: lighter than its predecessor. The color of the inner sleeve bled onto the socks. toe box was too snug. stability mechanisms of this shoe were flimsy. the cushioning system not comfortable enough

Control system running shoes have a relatively small market shre. As a substitute for the Stabli CS series, the price of Redeemer ISO has also increased from 120 dollars to 150 dollars.

An important change in Redeemer ISO 2 is the addition of EVERUN materials to further increase the excellent cushioning. Although being defined as a pair of control system running shoes, Redeemer ISO 2’s support is also the ultimate. The large support frame support strip + the thickness of the double-density midsole. And the weight of the men’s models reached an astonishing 340 grams. This pair is suitable for clubfoot runners.


Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Top Lightweight Running Shoes


Verdict: upper felt much more durable. lightweight. upper was very breathable. adequate traction from the outsole. extra supportive at the ankle area. midsole was responsive and springy as expected. cool design. not as affordable as its predecessor

This is the first full-palm Everun midsole shoes of Saucony, positioning higher than the Triumph ISO 3, the new flagship shoe type. Still, FREEDOM ISO should not compare with Triumph ISO 3, but with the similar lightweight ZEALOT ISO. FREEDOM ISO first implanted in the EVERUN technology. This structure provides more energy feedback and long-lasting cushioning effect throughout the running process.

Ergonomic breathable upper design offers better ventilation. ISOFIT dynamically fits upper for better adapting to the various foot types and various sports conditions. The streamlined heel support design is light fit and stable support. TRI-FLEX outsole technology provides stronger ground sensing and flexibility while enhancing grip. 4mm spring of the heel is easy for runners to land on the forefoot or midfoot, more conducive to the leg muscles training.

The first pair of Freedom has launched in 1983, and it has established the leading position of Saucony’s running shoes for more than 30 years. In addition to the ISO, there are also Freedom Runner and the 1983 retro version of the Freedom trainer, which retain the classical midsole but replaces the upper with leather a.

Freedom ISO is Saucony’s first running shoe with a full-palm Everun midsole. This is on high expectations, and its performance is also very good. It is also a rare pair of running shoes with both aesthetics and performance.


Saucony Zealot ISO 3 Lightweight Running Shoes


Verdict: offer great cushioning. Nice bounce of the midsole. well-balanced in its construction. more relaxed upper. arches felt loose

The Zealot series is a series of lightweight and cushioning running shoes from Saucony. The front/heel height difference is 4mm, which is suitable for runners who land forefoot first. The Zealot ISO 3 is a new model with a new upgrade for the upper and outsole. The upper retains the ISOFIT upper design, the soft one-piece boot + hard support frame, guaranteeing comfort and stability. But with a new functional mesh fabric, it is lighter and more breathable.

The midsole still uses the classic EVERUN upper structure. It is close to the feet curve, achieving better sympathy, rebound and cushioning. The newly designed Tri-Flex outsole has a wavy design with XT-900 carbon rubber slip resistant. There is also a Reflex reflective glare version that adds 3M reflective detail to the upper. Chic night running.

Zealot can be the veteran of the ISO series. Zealot is a classical product that balances in between lightweight and cushioning features. It is not only light (man weight 241 grams), but also has a sufficient amount of cushioning.


Saucony KINVARA 10 Lightweight Running Shoes


Verdict: lightweight. Nice cushioning system. aesthetics of this running shoe vibrant colors and modern design. able to conform to the natural movements of the foot. springy yet stable. somehow slightly heavier

The Kinvara series is a collection of lightweight training shoes, a pair of often used in racing. The Kinvara 9 is the latest in the series, adhering to the series of lightweight cushioning features. The K9’s outsole is also structurally different from the 7th and 8th generations. The midsole is still an EVERUN+EVA configuration with excellent cushioning and impact resistance. The single shoe (US9 size) weighs about 215g and has an excellent weight range.

The Kinvara series has always been one of the favorites of many marathon runners. Even more, Kinvara 9 has recently won the Runners World 2018 Spring Runner Editor’s Choice. However, the Kinvara 9 has a limited upgrade compared to the previous generation. It is still the EVERUN upper cover that covers the entire palm, and the midsole with lightweight EVA+ material.

Considering the limited scope of the 9th generation upgrade, those who like the Kinvara series may pay more attention to Kinvara 8.


Saucony Breakthru 4 Lightweight Running Shoes


Verdict: available colorways for this running shoe were visually endearing, affordable price, lightweight. midsole was stiffer and less responsive than the previous version. the sole unit doesn’t fully grab the arch 

Breaktru belongs to the unpopular running shoes of Saucony. The price of Breaktru 4 is 10 dollars cheaper than that of Kinvara 9. Breaktru 4 can be a lightweight version of RIDE 10. They equip with the same Everun upper, the same PWRFORM midsole. The spring difference between the front and the back is the same as RIDE is 8MM.

The weight of this pair of shoes (244 g for men) is heavier than that for Kinvara 9 (213 g for men). If you like RIDE’s touch and have been running with a heel to the land first but consider RIDE too heavy, Breaktru may Is a good choice. 3 and 2 better


Saucony FASTWITCH 8/9 Racing Running Shoes


Verdict: soft mesh upper comfortable. significantly lighter than the previous model. breathability. the outsole is very grippy, even in wet conditions. cushioning and lightweight support. Few color selection

The key to ultra-light racing shoes is that the price is not expensive, and the guide price is only $90. This pair of shoes has a FLEXFILM thermoplastic upper with excellent ductility and wrap. Double-density SSL EVA midsole is for lightweight cushioning. And PWRTRAC rubber outsole is for grip improvement.

This pair of shoes only weighs 183 grams, suitable for amateur/professional masters with a speed of 330 or less.


Saucony Endorphin Racer 2 Racing Running Shoes


Verdict: comfortable. For most runners, the shoe felt lightweight but still gave enough protection underfoot.he grip was sufficient on asphalt.  quick and responsive. highly breathable. slightly expensive. insoles were not removable. the bottom of the shoe was stiff

Ultra-lightweight running shoes, men’s weight is only 130 grams. The weight of 130 grams is so crazy that I have to check several times if I mix with men’s and women’s models. The weight of the women’s model is 115 grams… No doubt, it is especially only for professional runners.

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