The 10 Best 361 Degree Running Shoes To Buy of 2019

As a new brand, it has 848 sales outlets in the United States, and 1116 sales outlets in Brazil. There are also fan clubs in Brazil, the United States and Europe. Almost every pair of running shoes is on the authoritative running shoe magazine. And there are also double running shoes on the annual recommendation list of an authoritative running magazine. It is 361 degrees international.

The core product 361 ̊ Sensation 2 won the “Best First Show Award” and “Best Rookie Award” in the German version of Runner World in 2017. In addition, 361 ̊ Spire 3 was in the ISPO Global Design Award in Munich, Germany. 361 ̊ KgM2 2 was also selected as the most popular shoe in the fall of 2017 in the US Women’s Running magazine, and was recognized by the Soul Companion Award. 361-Spinject was in the “Best First Show Award” in the famous American road running magazine Competitor Running and the recommended running shoes for the fall/winter 2017 runners of the American Runner World magazine.

There are three pairs of running shoes, namely 361 ̊ Meraki, 361 ̊ Ortega 2, 361 ̊ Spinject, selected by Runner’s World. And with these three pairs of running shoes on the list, there is nothing more than a sparkling reputation and approved performance.

Best Running Shoes | Runner’s World

Sensation made a name for 361 degrees, and then 361 degrees constantly improved its running shoe matrix. The LOGO design and the domestic 361 ° distinction, in the latter products, the “361 °” logo on the upper has replaced with a huge “3”. (The picture below shows the LOGO changes from sensation generation to second generation)

However, it is worthy of recognition that the recently launched 361-degree international line running shoes have become more and more Asics yaseshi in terms of styling. For example, SENSATION 3 and SPIRE 3 have basically not felt the shadow of Asics.


2018 361 degree international line running shoes technical analysis

At present, compared with some big shoes manufacturers, the young brand is still a bit insufficient in technological developments. The core running shoes technologies: QU! KFOAM material and QDP system.



QU! KFOAM mainly refers to midsole technology. The surface of the midsole coats with a special and ductile film that can lock the air and reduce instability due to external temperature and pressure. In turn, it provides better and more durable cushioning and acceleration capabilities.

It is still quite complicated. In terms of effectiveness, QU!KFOAM is a relatively soft midsole material, but it is not too soft to cause repression during running.

Almost all 361 degree international line running shoes use QU! KFOAM midsole. The official statement is: high-tech material design of the soft midsole provides the comfort of the runner’s full foot.


QDP system

QDP is the abbreviation of QUICK DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE. The QDP system consists of QU!KFOAM insole, QU!KFOAM midsole and EVA stable midsole. These three parts are not responsible for one whole functional system. This design shall dynamically give the runner the satisfying running experience.


Other technology

In addition to the above two key technologies, the 361 degree international line is also constantly developing some new running shoes technology.

QU!K Flex 4Foot: The forefoot easy-drive propulsion system, the outsole ergonomic curved groove design keeps the landing foot in a natural balance and accelerates the running power.

QU!K Spine: Medium ridge glass fiber sheet, which works to stablize the midsole and avoid twisting. Note: The general running shoes have TPU reinforcement support at the arch. However, the position of QU!K Spine is in the position of the palm of the foot, which is relatively rare.

Pressure Free Tongue Gravityless tongue: Lightweight and thin, giving runners a tailored comfort.

Fitz-Rite midfoot support system: Ingeniously use the design of the decorative piece to stabilize high-speed motion without deformation.


361 degrees international line running shoe reviews

In this chapter, I will make some comments on all the high-end main running shoes of the 361 degree international line, so that everyone can choose the running shoes that suits them.


361-STRATOMIC top cushioning running shoes

From the pricing point of view, Stratomic (150 US dollars) is positioned slightly higher than Spire (140 US dollars). It is obviously belonging to the flagship type of cushioning running shoes. Stratomic’s shoe design is based on the black panther’s running action. The upper is double-layered. The outer layer is made of breathable mesh fabric, and the inner layer is made of TPU material. Stratomic applies the newly developed QDP-L!TE midsole.

In addition to the main QU!KFOAM material, QDP-L!TE also incorporates CMEVA material to ensure excellent cushioning and rebounding. The large-area rubber covers the entire palm, and the thickness is sufficient to increase the wear resistance.

Stratomic is the flagship of the cushioning listed last year. The target is Brooks’ Glycerin 15 and Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12, which also have these two pairs of shoes as the benchmark. Mizuno’s wave sky.

It can be seen that the shoes are mainly for the pursuit of a comfortable foot and a sufficient cushioning protection for the runner. Selected as “Runner World” 2017 autumn running shoes recommended, “Runner World” rated it: thicker, softer and heavier than the $120 361-shield 2.

When running, it can provide the effect of “soft and hard” (should mean soft foot feeling without excessive deflation) to improve running performance. However, the weight of these shoes is as high as 326 grams, which is very heavy, and is more suitable for novices to buy.


361-SPIRE 3 top cushioning running shoes



SPIRE 3 is the third-generation running shoe that has been updated to the 361 degree international line. (There is also a pair of sensation 3). Like Sensation, it is also an award-winning professional. This year, it won the ISPO Global Design Award in Munich, Germany. Compared to Spire’s ISPO Asian Product Awards, ISPO Munich’s Global Design Awards clearly have a higher gold content. The good product power is also the price of the SPIRE 3 guided price from the first generation of the second generation.

Compared with the first and second generations, the changes that the SPIRE 3 of the appearance are very obvious. The first is to completely go to the yaseshi, and the appearance of the previous two generations of strong Asics yaseshi style has not been seen. Let’s take a look at the illustration of these shoes.

Compared with the second generation, the biggest evolution of SPIRE 3 is the midsole. QU! KFOAM (grey part) runs through the whole palm, and the back part of QU!KFOAM is in the upper layer, and a large number of EVAs are added in the lower layer to ensure the excellent touch and increased cushioning. The forefoot part adopts the design of the upper layer EVA/ lower layer QU! KFOAM. The direct feedback part is responsible for the high rebound input, and the lower layer QU! KFOAM is effective shock absorption at the grounding position. compared to

For STRATOMIC, the midsole design is more subtle. And “Runners World” also affirmed these shoes, the shoes weight of this pair of shoes is slightly heavier than the previous two generations, but comparable to Brooks’ Glycerin, although the cushioning is not comparable to Glycerin, but the flexibility is better than Glycerin .

Compared with Glycerin, the flagship running shoe with excellent reputation, it can be seen that these shoes are excellent. These shoes are more suitable for runners who need sufficient cushioning, but who have higher feedback requirements for running shoes.


361-Meraki 2 cushioning running shoes



Meraki is also a running shoe launched at the end of last year. It is priced at $130 and belongs to the second-generation cushioning running shoes. This pair of shoes was selected as the “Runners World” 2017 winter running shoes recommended and one of the 2017 running shoes (a total of 34 pairs, all can be into the list of good shoes). First look at the diagram of the official website

The front and back palm layers are all QU!KFOAM, but the density is different, the lower layer is EVA. At the same time, the forefoot has an interesting wave design. The weight of the men’s shoes is 275 grams, which is relatively light for a pair of cushioning running shoes. The positioning of these shoes is very interesting. The general cushioning running shoes are better than the forefoot in the cushioning of the back palm (after all, most runners, especially the runners are all in the back), and these shoes are the former. Palm cushioning is more dominant. “Runner World” thinks that these shoes are suitable as a pair of speed running shoes or a pair of training shoes, and are rare running shoes with excellent forefoot cushioning. However, the support of these shoes is not enough. If you have a higher support for running, you may have to be smart.

These shoes are suitable for a certain running base and require a sufficient amount of cushioning. It is best to use them for the forefoot or full-runner. At present, Meraki does not have a particularly suitable price at home and abroad. According to past experience, students who want to buy these pair of running shoes at a more appropriate price can pay attention to the double 11, double 12 activities of Tmall and Jingdong. PS: The Tmall page of this pair of shoes is very simple. The marketing ability of 361 is still not good. The 2017 running shoes can make other running shoes blow for a year, and there is no relevant publicity on Tmall’s page.


361-Shield 2 cushioning running shoes


Shield 2 is a running shoe launched in the middle of last year. It is priced at $120. It is a top-level in terms of pricing, but it still does not reach the top level in terms of technology.

The Shield 2 upper is made of high-breathable enamel mesh, combined with the outer-tech film’s seamless sewing method, which is as comfortable as a glove, and more stable support and covering the foot. The midsole is still the EVA of the QU!KFOAM with the wave side wall design, which is combined into a smooth shock absorber cushion structure, which provides the rebound and propulsion of kinetic energy. The forefoot of the outsole uses lightweight foam rubber to give the runner a light and cushioning feel. The heel pressure relief window is designed to effectively relieve the impact pressure of the foot. The high wear-resistant rubber provides durability and excellent grip.

The special design of this pair of shoes is a wave type similar to Mizuno WAVE in the middle. Of course, 361 is not added with WAVE film. Men’s shoes weigh 295 grams, so-so. The change compared to the first generation is mainly on the upper. This pair of shoes is only sold in China for a generation, and the second generation of foreign countries has also entered the promotion channel.


361-SPINJECT cushioning running shoes



SPINJECT is priced at $110 and is positioned at the mid-range. This pair of shoes is also a pair of award-winning running shoes, won the Best Debut in the fall of 2017 in the United States Competitor Running magazine, also one of the “Runners World” 2017 running shoes.

The 361-SPINJECT is the best all-round shoe from 361° to date. It provides cushioning elasticity that is superior to most shoes on the market, especially the cushioning elasticity provided by the forefoot is particularly prominent, but it The Q bomb is moderately soft and hard, and does not affect the feeling of wearing because it is too soft.

Although QU!KFOAM is written in the white position of the shoes, the white midsole is actually EVA, and the blue part is the real one.

QU!KFOAM. It can be seen from the picture that the part of the EVA is very thick, but the weight of the men’s shoes is 278 grams, which is a relatively light cushioning running shoe. Although the back palm is visually thick, “Runner World” still comments that the shoes are hard. The forefoot is relatively soft. While running, the runner experience a change from a hard to soft foot. This change may be difficult to adjust. Some people may feel extremely annoying, or some may like it very much.


361-STRATA 2 top support running shoes


STRATA 2 is a new running shoe in 2018. The price is the same as that of the previous generation. The positioning is the top support running shoes. It received Editor’s Pick in the spring of 2018 in Competitor Running magazine.

Same as the previous generation, the shoes are absolutely worth the top. double QU! KFOAM, multi-layer mid-waist support, heel TPU support, and three-layer support at the arch, excellent support performance, low-footed runners Good friend.

This pair of shoes last year had a low price of 339 yuan when they were 12, and the second generation has no special low discount. According to past experience, students who want to buy these pair of running shoes at a more appropriate price can pay attention to the double 11, double 12 activities of Tmall and Jingdong.


361-Sensation 3 top support running shoes



Sensation is the veteran of the 361 international line. It is also my favorite shoe type in the 361 degree international line. This year, the third generation was released. The guide price has risen from 120 dollars to 130 dollars, positioning it as the top support running shoes.

361 degrees International line Sensation 3 men’s running shoes, the appearance of the upper changes greatly, the use of large mesh material, shoe side support structure with “3” LOGO design, improve the breathability and stability of the shoes. The midsole still uses QU!KFOAM material to enhance cushioning and the lower layer material to enhance the support effect. The rubber patch is applied to the key parts of the outsole to improve the grip and wear resistance.

Sensation 3 and Meraki are very, very similar, and should be the support brothers of Meraki. As I personally see, the most critical upgrade to Sensation 3 is the removal of the TPU from the arch, but the arch part uses a three-layer density design to increase support.

The advantage of this is that it provides sufficient support and does not form a strong discomfort like the TPU. The evaluation of Runner World also praises. However, these shoes may not be enough for large weight. If you are overweight and are suitable to support running shoes, it is recommended to buy STRATA.

This pair of shoes Jingdong 618 superimposed 399-200 coupons can be 323 yuan, it is not bad. However, after all, 618 has passed. According to past experience, students who want to buy these pair of running shoes at a more appropriate price can pay attention to the double 11, double 12 activities of Tmall and Jingdong.


361-Chaser 2 lightweight running shoes


As a pair of 100-dollar lightweight running shoes, the structure of Chaser 2 is relatively simple. The running shoes described above basically have a double midsole, while the Chaser 2 has only one layer of QU!KFOAM. The weight of the men’s models is 233 grams, can count as a pair of qualified lightweight running shoes, of course, barely can also be used for racing.


361-KgM2 2 lightweight running shoes



Pricing is the same as CHASER 2, but KgM2 2 is another style. The pair of shoes has a double midsole and QU!KFOAM is added to the heel from the middle to the heel, but the shoe weight (241 grams) is almost equal to the CHASER 2 ratio. And the back of the palm has a pressure release window, the forefoot uses CR SOLE technology, the grip is very strong and very lightweight. This pair of shoes is very suitable for 10K, half horse and triathlon, and 361 degrees also sponsored a lot of iron three players who compare cattle X, often get good results.


361-Feisu racing shoes



This pair of running shoes is the only pair of international line running shoes named after Pinyin. It is priced at $120 and is positioned as a racing shoe. From its name “Fly”, you can see the characteristics of these shoes, that is light and fast. This pair of running shoes abandoned the QU! KFOAM midsole (presumably for effective weight reduction), the midsole all used lightweight EVA, the men’s weight is only 201 grams. A professional running community in the country has made a cross-evaluation of the shoes, and concluded that there is no serious injury.

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