The Best Weight Training Shoes Recommended To Buy of 2019

Pain and Gain

Why You Should Lift Weights More

According to a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, when men participated in lifting for a specific amount of time, rather than aerobics for the same amount of time, they had less of an increase in abdominal fat than those who ran for the same amount of time.

Despite potential weight gain from lifting, there was still a decrease in overall fat. The key then might be to have a balance of weight lifting and aerobic exercises, because while cardio burns fat and muscle, strength training will target calories from mostly fat.

A Partner For Your Training Schedule

While paying attention to all kinds of equipment, everyone tends to ignore a key point – the sneakers on the foot. Most people think that a pair of expensive shoes, equipped with high-end running shoes/basketball shoes can fully meet the training of the gym, but the reality is still a world of difference.

The training shoes upper adopts wear-resistant mesh surface and the middle tie to increase the wrapping and stability of the foot and the shoe, and at the same time play corresponding support and wear resistance. The midsole is mostly made of a thin forefoot and a slightly stiffer material on the back palm to increase the stability and flexibility of the shoe. The outsole is flat and targeted with indoor non-slip rubber and grain to increase the force area of ​​the shoes and the ground to maintain stability and slip resistance.

Whether it is for strength, core training, or explosive training, training shoes can better give trainers stability and support, while improving safety. And these are not soft running shoes. How do we choose a pair of training shoes that suits you? I hope that through the recommendation, I can help you find more suitable training shoes and bid farewell to those “soft collapse” sneakers.


JORDAN TRAINER 3 Men’s Training Shoes


JORDAN TRAINER 3 uses FLYKNIT uppers, different weaves in different positions, and FLYWIRE to ensure that the upper has good breathability and corresponding wrapping while reducing weight. The upper strap strengthens the stability of the shoe body. The upper body can immediately feel the wrapping of the shoe body. Full bootie construction provides a seamless feel. Gore midfoot and heel st