The Best Small Indoor Fitness Gear / Equipment For Workout At Home To Buy

There are always a lot of people who have spent a lot of money to get a fitness card. They also vowed for a small waist or vest line. In the end, they have no time because of daily work. They are too tired, or they don’t want to exercise. Lazy cancer again half-way ruin. Coupled with the frequent sales of some gym sales staff, it is easy to be upset, and the inner madness can not let the old man quietly exercise!

Compared to going to the gym, it is a good choice to save time in the gym from home fitness. First of all, you should choose the fitness equipment that is suitable for the family, and house space. With them, the fitness will become more interesting and easier for people to stick to it. There are recommended several fitness gadgets for everyone, not occupying, not expensive, but efficient and easy to use.


TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training System

The full name of TRX is Total Resistance Exercise. It helps fully exercise to the core stable muscles. Also, it works well on the shoulders, arms and chest to improve strength, body softness and stability. TRX only needs a training belt to exercise the whole body. You can hang it, such as on the ceiling, on the door seam, or trees, etc., to perform hundreds of training poses, such as flat support, push-ups, balance bow Steps, high rowing, etc. The material is tough, easy to carry, suitable for both young and old. Therefore, you can exercise when you get home, adding a lot of fun for the fitness routine.

This DECATHLON 1754844 suspension training belt is made of high-strength nylon woven bag, which is durable and can effectively and effectively train the whole body muscle for easy storage.


Bulgarian Training Bag Croissant

The croissant, also known as the Bulgarian croissant, was created by a Bulgarian wrestler and has been used as a small device for fitness in recent years. Croissants have different weights, and each person can choose the right weight according to the situation. It can be used for squat training. Or, you can focus on arms, shoulders, back, legs, etc., also to exercise core muscles and improve body balance. This SCHMIDT SMTNJB01 Bulgarian training bag croissant is filled with fine iron sand and pearl silk. It has good elasticity, resistance of tearing. And it is not easy to drop the wire. It also has a nylon anti-stripping strap to make the rotating body more stable.



Gravity balls are more common in the gym, but it is also an artifact suitable for home fitness. Not subject to the restrictions of the point, does not occupy too much place. The price is not expensive. The weight of the gravity ball is divided into different specifications. And the weight that can be tolerated can be selected according to the actual situation. You can take it by hand, or you can exercise by throwing, or smashing. For example, lunge swivel, gravity squat, foot gravity push-ups, etc., can burn more calories, to achieve weight loss and body sculpting. This DECATHLON Decathlon 8491862 Sphere Softball has excellent workmanship, durability, softness, cushioning protection and different weight specifications to meet the needs of different fitness groups.


Invincible Fitness Agility Ladder Training Equipment Set

The rope ladder is a ladder made of soft rope and plastic rod. When you see the rope ladder, there should be many people who think of the hopscotch that you used to play. You can cross jump or you can choose to jump on one foot. When the foot moves quickly, it can effectively improve the coordination and endurance of the body, increase the rotational force of the buttocks and shoulders, improve the ankle and knee joint functions, and reduce the follow-up exercise. There is very little possibilty of injury, and the body is more flexible and agile, burning fat. This Schmidt SMT-AL781 rope ladder is made of eco-friendly woven bag, which is tough and not deformed. It is still flat after folding.


AO TE Sports and Fitness Special Explosion-Proof Wave Speed Ball

The wave speed ball mentioned here is a semi-circular balance ball. It consists of a soft spherical surface and a non-slip base. Wave speed balls can be used in various motion trainings, such as side plate support and roll belly movement, which can improve body coordination. Sex, exercise the core muscles of the abdomen, make the muscles firm, and the muscles are smooth. Founded in 2006, JOINFIT brand is the first company in China to introduce the concept of fitness and related products. After five years of development, JOINFIT has covered: professional fitness training, personal education supplies, yoga, Pilates, sports rehabilitation, gym accessories and other products, gradually growing into an excellent fitness brand. This JOINFIT PH001 wave speed ball, made of PVC on the hemisphere, is soft and explosion-proof. Spherical wave lines increase friction.


BLACKROLL Self-massage Foam Roller

The foam shaft is an artifact that relaxes muscles and is popular in Europe and America. After just starting to exercise or suddenly doing high-intensity exercise, it is easy to have muscle aches, then you can use the foam shaft to massage, relax muscles, reduce muscle stiffness and promote blood circulation. It can be used for muscles, acupoints, fascia, etc. It is equivalent to doing spa for the whole body, strengthening the core muscles, making the muscles balance and coordinating, reducing joint pressure and relieving fatigue. The soles of the feet, calves, thighs, buttocks and arms can be massaged with a foam shaft.

BLACKROLL is a world-renowned fitness equipment brand from Switzerland. The company’s philosophy is to solve the problem of multi-age layer needs to enhance flexibility and coordination, and to relieve fatigue by self-massage, so its foam roller is more famous. This Med foam shaft is recommended for environmentally friendly foam, 100% environmentally friendly material, no odor, water resistance and easy to clean. It should be noted that this foam shaft can not be used as a balance tool. It can bear about 75 kg and the size is 30 cm x 15 cm.


Decathlon Cross Training elastic band

The elastic band, also called the resistance band, assists the fitness enthusiasts in resistance training, usually made of natural rubber. The use of elastic bands can effectively improve muscle strength, physical activity and flexibility. Fitness people can use their body fat reduction to shape their body. Indoor scenes, the public fitness area downstairs in the community, generally have horizontal bars, using horizontal bar equipment to carry out comprehensive training; also one-hand side pull, double hand pull and other fitness methods. Small size, no space, easy to carry, through different postures, can achieve the effect of exercising multiple muscle groups; let the arm more shape, bid farewell to “dark meat”; make the back muscles more tight, improve temperament; Stretching, let you experience a cost-effective fitness effect. Decathlon elastic belt is divided into 4 grades, you can choose the right style according to your needs. It is recommended that qualified value friends go to Decathlon supermarket store, and it is better to buy after experience. 10-20 minutes of elastic band drill every day, with micro sweating as the standard, improve the coordination of body muscles.

0 Cross Training Jump Rope

Recommended here is the Keep wire rope skipping (of course other brands such as Decathlon have similar products). 360° universal bearing double bearing, adjustable rope length, small wind resistance coefficient, high toughness and not easy to curl. The rope body is made of 49 strands of core wire, wrapped with TPU anti-wear material. The middle section has a bold design to enhance the inertia of the rope. The noise during the jumping process is low and the vibration is small, which makes the fitness process light and confident. The fat burning efficiency of the 10-minute skipping rope is generally higher than that of the equivalent aging running and swimming, so it is better to jog for 30 minutes and the fitness dance for 30 minutes instead of skipping for 10 minutes. Mastering the correct skipping posture can not only reduce the probability of injury, but also improve the efficiency of exercise fat loss.


Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

Perfect Fitness is a sportswear brand in the United States. This Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro abdominal fitness wheel features a wide printed wheel body and a humanized handle designed as a horn, making it easier to balance your abdominal muscles and arms, and to increase the difficulty to one side. pour. Its wheel surface is made of PVC material with non-slip wear resistance. The built-in 3mm steel tube has a bearing capacity of more than 800 kg. It has elasticity, can be rolled back, and no noise can be heard. However, the fitness wheel should start to pay attention to safety.


TRIGGER POINT Performance GRID Foam Roller

TriggerPoint roller provides people with better self-massage products and education in the world, helping people to achieve the best level of exercise, and is widely favored by professional athletes and clubs. The TriggerPoint Original standard roller is 33 cm long and 13 cm in diameter. The surface is designed with a 3D solid partition grid. The wide and narrow three-dimensional texture can be used to imitate the masseur’s palm or fingers to perform targeted massage for the muscle group. Sports and yoga enthusiasts utilize it while warming up before exercise and after recovery. The sturdy hollow vinyl foam structure makes the TP roller stronger than the traditional ones. It can roll on the back and massage on the wall. When lying down, you can place the roller under the position to be massaged, such as the thigh or Waist back, etc. Don’t worry about its loading capacity. It withstands up to 230kg weight. Targeted massage for muscle groups plays a crucial role in fitness warm-up before exercise and recovery after exercise.


NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

THE VIBRATING FOAM ROLLER TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: The NextRoller combines vibration and foam rolling to help professional athletes reach peak performance (we’ve been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, and more). We help the pros excel, and we can help you achieve your fitness goals too! CUTTING EDGE 3-SPEED VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY: Choose between low, medium, and high intensities to apply the perfect amount of pressure to each of your sore muscles and joints. The NextRoller can help relieve muscle pain in your lower and upper back, knees, IT band, quads, hamstrings, and more. YOUR PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST: Our foam roller incorporates vibration to aid recovery, mobility, and flexibility before and after weightlifting, CrossFit, yoga, jiu jitsu, running, cardio, or any other exercise. It’s the ideal muscle roller for self massage and myofascial release to make sure your body is prepared to excel and remain injury free. PORTABLE AND RECHARGABLE: The NextRoller measures 6″ in diameter and 13″ in length. Our simple, included wall-outlet charging cable makes it easy to get a massage any time, anywhere. One full charge will give you over two hours of vibrating massage! ONE YEAR WARRANTY: We’ve crafted the NextRoller out of the highest quality materials and are so sure you will love it that we offer a 100% no-questions-asked one year warranty. Try the NextRoller today, risk-free, and experience unbeatable deep tissue massage from the best vibrating foam roller on the market


Slingshot Reactive Elastic Band


This Slingshot reclining elastic band can correct the movement error of the barbell bench press, find a better feeling of exertion, increase the training load (similar to the deep knee joint to increase the training intensity), especially for the triceps stimulation. Significantly, thus improving the bench press results. At the same time, it can reduce the risk. Can better help the elbow joints close to the chest to make the chest muscles better and concentrate to get better training results and break the “bonding point” of their maximum weight.

You can choose the elasticity and color that suits you according to your bench press weight. (At present, there are also elastic bands like this in China, but there is still a need to improve both the workmanship and the elastic system. Please choose carefully.)

The slingshot tool is designed to increase your ability to gain better nerve recruitment through overload. This tool is equivalent to giving you a powerful boost at the bottom of the bench press, so you really only need the second half of the force, and the feeling that your nervous system feels the weight is held by your hands. The problem is that because it only requires the second half of the force, it is not very good for the chest muscle gain. More importantly, for Overload, most of the time you use the slingshot, your training will have a very high intensity, very low training, such as: 95% 4×3, 100% 3×3, 90% 3×5. Bench press this exercise, the most important thing is the amount of muscle. The requirement for nerve recruitment is not particularly high. Therefore, too much use of the slingshot will only take half the effort.


Fat Gripz Dumbbell Grip

Fat Gripz’s grip is not to make my barbell and dumbbells better and more comfortable, but to increase the thickness of the lever, so that we can get a better muscle pumping feeling. Lifting the thick bar is relatively more difficult, so you need to be more focused. Some people think that lifting a thick bar can only make them more powerful.

The muscles that exert force will use the muscles of other nearby parts. And if they are part of the force, they will increase the strength of these muscles. So holding the thick bar allows you to focus more on the training of the arm, giving you full muscle pumping. It also increases muscle activity, reduces imbalances and injuries. Of course, the effect of this set is based on the standard action. If your recent arm exercise is not effective, it is recommended that you can try it, and the price is also very cost-effective.

The Fat GripzTM Barbell Grip is a popular fitness accessory that can help increase the width of the barbell, dumbbell and other device handles, improve comfort, enhance grip, protect support strength and avoid injury. Users of the Fat GripzTM barbell grip include bodybuilding champions, NFL, US Special Forces, Royal Marines, top UFC fighters, elite sports weightlifters and rugby players, etc.


VERSA GRIPPS PRO Training Power Strap

Recognized as the most advanced fitness equipment, VERSA GRIPPS focuses on and produces the best training booster. VERSA GRIPPS PRO is the brand’s highest-end product, which helps trainers to better stabilize the instrument and achieve the training effect of isolated muscle parts. Not only can the pull force be used, but because of the special rubber, it can also give better friction and stability in the press.

Authentic, Patented, Self-Supporting Versa Gripps® Eliminate grip fatigue and enhance muscle isolation in pulling & pushing exercises for maximum muscle gains. Versa Gripps® eliminates the need for gloves, lifting straps, wrist supports & hooks ALL IN ONE.


RDX X1 Arm Blaster for Biceps Curl

In the case of doing two-head training, the common non-standard movement is the body shaking, and the second is that the big arm swings the shoulder to participate in the training, which reduces the arm training effect. The arm trainer can help us better isolate the arm, achieve the isolated training effect of the arm (two heads), and better concentrate the contraction of the two muscles. RDX is a big force in the UK. This instrument incorporates a thick oversized neoprene neck pad for better arm comfort while training. Better and more accurate.

Composed of a braided nylon strap, a thick oversized neoprene neck pad and a dense elbow guard to isolate arms and shoulders as you perform dumbbell or barbell curls. The strap has a quick release that adjusts it to the desired position.


Basic Guideline for Weight Loss Lifestyle

Weight loss, slow weight loss aids are not just three types mentioned in this article, there are other such as dumbbells, tension belts, yoga balls (wheels) and so on. This article is only to choose a representative three, regardless of feasibility or convenience, cost performance is very high.

If the value is determined, the weight loss is prepared, and the above three sports combinations are combined to achieve the goal of full weight loss. At the same time, we also need to ensure healthy and orderly living habits:

  1. A good work schedule here refers to life. To ensure adequate sleep, the endocrine will remain normal; endocrine imbalances will indirectly lead to loss of control.
  2. Daily drinking water is about 2500mL. Drink plenty of water a day to maintain a virtuous circulation of body fluids.
  3. Adhere to the three meals, full rich breakfast, proper lunch, and light dinner. It is recommended to keep the regularity of mealtime for three meals. In addition to the first breakfast, the staple food for lunch and dinner can be reduced by half (rice or pasta, etc.).
  4. To ensure that the overall comprehensive exercise time of 30-40 minutes or slightly more, elastic band, skipping rope and abdominal wheel can be arbitrarily combined.
  5. Bring your own body fat scale that can monitor your weight. Measuring body weight (body fat) at a fixed daily time can have a certain degree of self-discipline for the second day of the meal. At the same time, proper weight loss will also boost confidence in weight loss.

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