The Best In-Ear Wireless Headphones To Buy of 2019

For anyone who likes to listen to the music while exercising, a solid Bluetooth headset with great performance is very necessary. Although normal headsets are no problem to use, they are too large and can be a barrier to real sports.

There are many types of Bluetooth headsets on the market, from cheap to high-end, and high-end headphones are especially suitable for those who want to enjoy a perfect listening experience.

If you are planning to buy a pair of great qualified wireless headphones, then the entire listening experience and professional wired headphones are definitely very different. This list is to help you choose the most suitable wireless headset.


Jaybird X4 Wireless Headphones

Why Jaybird X4? Best for Sports

In the field of motion-oriented wireless headsets, Jaybird has many competitors, and the company consistently delivers quality products that help improve the industry’s standards. The Jaybird X4 is not the cheapest model we’ve tested, but it has a strong bass and excellent high-pitched sound, and is safe to wear and has a sweat-proof design that is perfect for health.

The optional ear fins add a degree of stability, but even without the use of ear fins, individual earplugs provide adequate safety for most users. Inside the headphones, a pocket-sized 6mm speaker delivers high-quality audio for you.

Design and Features

Jaybird’s companion app MySound is very useful, you can customize EQ yourself, or you can use Jaybird to configure various EQs for you. Using the system’s own configuration is enough to satisfy you, but fine-tuning your own personalization is the most attractive place.

As for the audio performance of the headphones, when you do not use MySound APP, once you adjust the audio track or bass effect in the music, X4 can get feedback immediately. For most other sports headphones, you won’t get a bass sound without using the companion app, but Jaybird X4 can give you clear, beautiful high-end music enjoyment, of course, you can also use MySound app program to adjust the sound to suit your unique taste.

The Jaybird X4 delivers a very powerful bass response when playing intense bass tracks. Even if you turn the volume up to the maximum, the bass effect will not be distorted; when you adjust to a comfortable volume, the bass is still quite good, although it is more pleasant to balance and mid-high.

The Jaybird X4 wireless headset is ideal for use in fitness, safe and comfortable to wear, and provides a high-quality listening experience. It has excellent audio performance, strong, rich bass and clear, bright. The reliable app provides a customizable equalizer. And it offers a large number of earplugs. But the remote control may be easy to fail.


Senso Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Why Senso Bluetooth Wireless? Best Value

In a music world full of Beats, Jaybird, Sony, Bose, many people have never heard of a name of Senso. If you delve into the research, you will find that they are a small company with only 6 products, and all are sports Bluetooth headsets. Surprisingly, all of their products are very popular, well received by users, and more importantly: the price is very cheap.

Compared to many other earphone products, its design is truly unique, and it is also very pleasing to watch. The overall appearance is simple black, with red accents, not at all fancy, needless to say, Senso’s pursuit is minimalism.

Design and Features

This Bluetooth headset comes with a beautiful carrying case and 3 different sizes of earmuffs, eliminating the worry of size discomfort. In addition, the earphones are equipped with soft, flexible ear clips on both sides to make you wear more comfortable.

Senso Bluetooth headsets are designed for an active lifestyle, and the car’s packaging also provides a small car charger that is convenient for car owners to charge their headphones. This is indeed unusual. I believe that in the near future, other companies will follow suit. As for the sound quality and overall performance issues that everyone cares about most, in general, any moderately priced headphones often fail to provide good performance.

Unexpectedly, Senso Bluetooth headsets provide very high fidelity sound quality, which is what we are most amazing about. Of course, its sound quality is certainly not comparable to a real high-end wired headset, but many customers think it can compete with a high-end model that is 10 times the price.

There is also an excellent feature worth mentioning. The waterproof rating of this headset is IPX7, which means that even if you wear it in intense sports, you don’t have to worry about it, because its waterproof performance is really good.

Overall, Senso Bluetooth headsets feature high-fidelity super good sound, IPX7 waterproofing, superior noise reduction, and great comfort. It is excellent in noise reduction technology. No obvious problems were found during our testing. Obviously, Senso’s product is great, and it is excellent comfort to wear for a long time. And it comes with various accessories. The only problem is that the handset is too big, but it is acceptable.


Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones


Why Bose SoundSport Wireless? Best Noise-Cancelling

In the past few years, we have seen the influx of sports-based Bluetooth headsets, and Bose has also announced a high profile to join the competition. For this category of products, the price of SoundSport Wireless is undoubtedly high, but if strong low-frequency sounds help your workout, it will certainly not disappoint you. On the other hand, we have reviewed several other low-cost options. To be honest, there is hardly anything to complain about in addition to price. Bose has created a very reliable sports Bluetooth headset

Design and Features

The two earplugs are connected by a cable with a remote control and a microphone, and fit comfortably behind the neck. The earbuds extend slightly outward to seal your ear canal, and earbuds can be attached to each earplug for added stability. Bose offers three sets of earmuffs of different sizes to give everyone a solid and comfortable wearing experience. This is essential for high-intensity workouts, so they don’t feel like they exist. In addition, this headset is also sweat-proof and waterproof.

The product package comes with a USB charging cable (it’s too short) and a round, zippered protective bag with hooks. The wireless charging kit is sold separately. The case is made of hard rubber. It has a built-in USB charging cable and a micro USB port. It can be charged whether the headset is inside or outside the charging package. Bose’s estimated battery life is about six hours, and the results will vary depending on your playback volume. It takes about two hours to fully charge.

The Bose Connect app lets you control all of Bose’s current wireless products, although the app’s functionality is relatively small, but it’s very useful. You can adjust the time when the headset is automatically turned off, and you can also disable the prompting voice of the robot when the headset is turned on/off.

For those who are keen to enjoy the bass during the workout, SoundSport Wireless has everything you’re looking for, it delivers a strong bass response, and the mid-high and high-frequency sounds are quite solid, effectively avoiding bias in the balance. In Comfortable and waterproof / sweat-proof design, Bose’s enhanced bass and crisp high-pitched sounds attract a lot of sports enthusiasts who rely on audio to exercise. What makes everyone even more excited is that the latest fire red models have built-in heart rate monitors. Bose SoundSport Wireless is as good as the other products we tested, or better in some respects, even though it’s quite expensive.


Anker SoundBuds Slim+ Headphones

Why Anker SoundBuds Slim+? Best Budget

If you’re not familiar with Anker products, you should be. While the company isn’t yet known for being the best of the best, its products are certainly consistent. Its SoundBuds have a hooked design that sits above your ear, guaranteeing a more secure and comfortable fit. They come with a variety of sizes and shapes for almost every ear. The rubber material also means they are water resistant (IPX5) and weighing just 5.6 ounces, they are light enough to forget you’re wearing. Inside are 6mm drivers that deliver solid bass.

Design and Features

As with any budget item, there are downsides. For the SoundBuds, it’s the fact that the battery only lasts about seven hours. For commuters and athletes that might not be a problem, but if you’re a marathon music listener, you might want to think twice. Still wary about buying a budget product? Anker offers an 18-month warranty plus easy-to-reach customer support.


Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones

Bose is known for its high-quality noise-cancelation headphones and its QuietControl 30 model only furthers its reputation. The neckband-style headphones rest like a horseshoe around your neck and the earbuds sit in your ear comfortably. The headphones are sweatproof, making them suitable for sports, though the design might bother some athletes.

Design and Features

True to its name, the QuietControl 30 let you adjust the noise-canceling feature. You can raise or lower it by clicking a button on the inline remote or using the Bose Connect app. You’ll likely want to keep it at the highest possible level, but if you’re running or biking, you might want to lower it to hear traffic and other surrounding sounds. Battery life is rated at an impressive 10 hours, but keep in mind that because it doesn’t have a wired option, it won’t work with in-flight entertainment and thus is not an ideal set for travelers.



Sennheiser HD1 Free Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Why Sennheiser HD1 Free Bluetooth Wireless Headphones? Best for Phone Calls

Whether you’re making a high-stakes sales call or are just dropping a quick line to your mom, the Sennheiser HD1 Free Bluetooth Wireless Headphones deliver crisp audio quality while still managing to look luxurious. Although the neckband style is admittedly not for everyone, the band of this pair is stitched up with a bold red string.

Design and Features

A remote sits on the left side of the neckband, which lets you adjust volume, scan tracks and answer or reject phone calls. The discreet microphone offers high intelligibility, so every word you speak is clear. Dynamic drivers deliver a frequency range of 15Hz-22kHz and booming bass, and battery life tops out around six hours – not too shabby!


ISOtunes PRO Earplug Headphones

Why ISOtunes PRO Earplug Headphones? Best for Hearing Protection

Unlike a typical pair of headphones, these ISOtunes were designed as earplugs first and foremost. Whether you’re a contractor, woodworker, builder, etc. — if you work in a loud environment, then hearing protection should be a high priority. The ISOtunes PRO Earplug Headphones feature 27 dB noise cancelation which significantly reduces the effect of persistent, loud sound. You can even answer phone calls and rely on the noise cancelation to mute disruptions such as low-flying planes, lawn mowers, fans and vacuums.

Design and Features

The buds themselves are made from a custom-fit material that molds to the shape of your ear and the internal speakers feature ISOtunes’s patented SafeMax Technology which allows users to play music at the maximum volume without damaging their hearing. For those who have physically demanding work environments, the ISOtunes Pro headphones have an IPX4 sweat- and water-resistant certification. The headphones are also compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices and deliver 10 hours of playback or 240 hours on standby.


Jaybird Tarah Pros Wireless Headphones

Why Jaybird Tarah Pros? Best Battery Life

As a company, Jaybird has stayed focused on what it does best — making great fitness headphones. The latest Jaybird Tarah Pros really stand out for their battery life, delivering an incredible 14 hours of play time per charge. That’s almost double the battery life of the Jaybird X4s, and much longer than almost all other competing wireless headphones. The Tarah Pros only take two hours to charge completely, and in a pinch, you can add two hours of play time with only a five-minute charge.

Design and Features

At an IPX7 waterproof rating, these earbuds are reliable in all kinds of weather and can withstand even your toughest (sweatiest) workouts. The buds themselves pivot on the strong, braided cable so you can wear them over or under your ear. They come with three different sets of premium silicon tips, to make sure you find the most comfortable fit. Pair them with the Jaybird app to control the headphones’ EQ and optimize the sound for whatever kind of music you’re listening to.


Shure SE215 Wireless Headphones



Why Shure SE215 Wireless? Best Quality

In 2011, Shure introduced a wired headset model SE215. Now, this wireless SE215 appears again in people’s field of vision, whether it is audio cable or neck strap, it can be removed. Most importantly, this headset delivers outstanding audio performance with deep bass and clear highs.

The old SE215 is exactly the same as the new one, only different in cables. If you already have an old one, just buy a wireless Bluetooth cable so that it can be transformed into Wireless Headphones. This is a great way to inject new life into old-fashioned headphones, especially if you don’t have a 3.5mm audio jack on your phone.

Design and Features

The SE215 Wireless is available in four colors: black, white, translucent blue, and transparent. Since the cable is detachable, each cartridge is equipped with a cable. It should be noted that Shure does not provide cable, but you can purchase it for a little more money so that you can listen in wired mode.

In bass-rich tracks, the SE215 Wireless provides a very deep low-frequency response, and most importantly, there is no distortion even when adjusted to the highest volume. At medium volume levels, the bass is still quite strong, but it is not as much improved as other Bluetooth headsets at this price range. For songs with less bass, this earphone can also present a very accurate sound, which is generally a balanced sound quality, neither giving up the low frequency or high frequency sound.

It has excellent audio performance. It is very comfortable fit, with some passive noise reduction. But there is no cable available. If you purchase an extra winged cable, the Shure SE215 Wireless will be available in both wired and wireless modes. Even with some added cost, this is still a very cost-effective transaction, no matter how you look, it is the most accurate wired and wireless headset on the market.


BeatsX Wireless Headphones


Why BeatsX? One Best for iOS Devices

Beats is constantly updating its wireless headset lineup model. The latest BeatsX is a Bluetooth headset with an Apple W1 chip that can be paired quickly and seamlessly with iOS devices, while also improving the performance of wireless connectivity. Most of the Beats products we tested provide excellent audio performance, and the BeatsX Bluetooth Headset is no exception. It has deep bass and crisp high-pitched sound and is one of the most recommended wireless headphones.

Headphones are available in a variety of colors: black, white, grey, blue, and the new matte silver and matte gold. The headphone cord has a flat design that will be harder when it is loosely placed behind your neck. The earplugs at both ends are magnetic – they can be attached together and are easy to carry and easy to carry.

Design and Features

One does not even need to enter the Bluetooth menu to pair. When the headset is close to the device, the screen will pop up immediately, and the connection will be established quickly. If you don’t use iCloud, don’t worry, BeatsX R will add a (very fast) step when switching between iOS devices. Also, if you’re interested in BeatsX, but don’t have an Apple device, don’t worry, because it can connect via Bluetooth like all other wireless headsets.

Another advantage of the WI chip is that it improves the range of connections, and the BeatsX stays paired with iOS devices far beyond the traditional Bluetooth range of 30 feet (9). Of course, if it’s a non-iOS device, it can only be paired with it within the standard Bluetooth range.4Four pairs of different sizes of silicone earmuffs and a pair of detachable fit wing tips are provided in the product package to enhance the stability of the wear.

Beats’ estimated battery life is about 8 hours. The headset uses Fast Fuel flash charging technology. When the battery is low, it can be played for 2 hours after 5 minutes of charging. This is definitely good news, especially considering the design time that does not automatically shut down even if you don’t use it for a long time. Having said that, the lack of automatic shutdown or sleep mode seems to be a design negligence.

The BeatsX is very wearable, but if you don’t fully press it in your ear, the audio performance will change dramatically. If the sound of the headphones sounds thin and thin, then you may need to press them slightly into the ear or change a pair of different size earmuffs. When the earbuds are placed securely, it will provide a stable, rich bass response.

To date, BeatsX is the most popular model among all tested headphones equipped with W1 chips. It has powerful audio performance, rich bass and clear treble. You get all the benefits of this chip, along with a comfortable wearing experience and a refreshingly reasonable price (at least for Beats).
There is no auto power off or sleep mode. But the main reason for winning us is its excellent balance of sound quality, as well as the crisp bass with its rich bass and matching.


JBL Reflect Mini BT 2 Wireless Headphones

Why JBL Reflect Mini BT 2? Best Budget

In the current market, although the sports-oriented Bluetooth headset is not lacking, if you want to find an affordable, accurate bass product, it is certainly difficult. The JBL Reflect Mini BT works well between a solid low frequency depth and a crazy boosted bass. If you want to get a sweat-resistant, stable, but can’t increase the bass to a crazy high level in-ear blue

The headphones feature a classic JBL reflective cable design and are available in four colors: black, blue (a common model, a limited edition of Curry), red, and turquoise. As the name suggests, there is a reflective strip on the cable, so you will always be seen when jogging at night.

Design and Features

JBL offers two styles of earmuffs. A standard silicone earmuff is attached to the ear. Inside the road, additional ear fins add extra safety and comfort. The IPX4 design adds protection against sweat and water and can be cleaned with water, but you should not leave it completely in the water.

The built-in microphone and remote control are close to the earbuds on the left, with three buttons on it: the middle multi-function button is used to handle song playback (single click) and switch (multiple times), and the buttons at both ends are used to adjust volume.

In addition to a charging cable (used to connect to the remote control’s port), the Reflect Mini BI does not come with any other accessories. It is necessary to provide a storage bag in theory, especially considering the time it takes for you to put the headset into the fitness bag (or take it out from the inside), but considering this affordable price, JBL is also a practice. There is no excuses.

According to JBL’s estimates, the Lifetime of the Reflect Mini BT is about 8 hours, but the actual results will depend largely on your volume. In addition, it has a drawback: the headset does not go into sleep mode when it is inactive for a long time, so if you forget to turn it off, it will waste some considerable power.

The Bluetooth sound of the headphones is very accurate, the bass response is also very good, and it will not be distorted at high volume. The performance of the IF and HF sounds is also very good, but when they are combined with the low frequency sound, BT can effectively prevent the sound from becoming confusing.

It has powerful audio performance, reliable bass and crisp pleasure. The reflective cable is also good for night exercise. But there is no automatic shutdown feature. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset that’s good for sports and good low frequency, there are plenty of options. But for the JBL Reflect Mini BT, it’s a Bluetooth headset that’s easy to use, safe, and balanced, and it’s very attractive if you want a product that’s superior in bass and doesn’t sacrifice motion.


Sony MDR-XB80BS Wireless Headphones

Why Sony MDR-XB80BS? Best Budget for Style and Bass

Sony has long been known for its audio products, from the first Walkman to today’s enthusiast music player, which has been playing an important role in the audio industry. The advantage of the MDR series is that several very good wireless headphones have been produced. And they are so beautiful and stylish in vivid colors, so many people are inclined to buy this series of products.

Needless to say, in terms of the number of products, MDR is perhaps the most expensive series. What we are going to introduce today is a very good in-ear wireless headset that combines bass and superior performance of high-end LDAC bluetooth for the outstanding wireless experience.

Design and Features

This headset supports NFC function, and its battery life is also the longest one. The battery life is up to 8.5 hours at medium volume. When the volume is at its maximum, the flight time will be shortened accordingly. Another advantage of the XB80BS is that its extra bass performance is very good, although this is amazing, but some users still prefer balance sound. In addition, there is another point that makes us very happy, that is, Sony has a variety of functions in this headset.

This headset is also comfortable to wear for a long time. It is safe to say that the Sony MDR-XB80BS is a very good wireless headset. It is comfortable, lightweight, IPX5 waterproof, and has good sound quality. The battery life is the longest. The only trick is that this wireless headset does not offer a carrying case, which is rare in headset products. If you can accept this shortcoming, then it will be a perfect choice.

Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Headphones


Why Plantronics BackBeat Go 2? Best Budget and Style

When you are ready to buy a Bluetooth headset, you usually need to make trade-offs between sound quality and price. If you are willing to spend a lot of money, it is easy to get a good product, the sound will sound very good; if you are ashamed, you will have to compromise on sound quality.

Introducing the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2, although you can’t expect it to have a strong bass, you can get a pair of comfortable in-ear Bluetooth headsets with a very good mid to high frequency response.

Design and Features

The headphone cord is a short, flat, unwound cable with a remote remote and microphone mounted near the right ear. There are three buttons on the line remote control. In addition to answering the phone, you can also adjust the volume and switch songs. Three different sizes of silicone earplugs and earbud holders are included in the product package to give you a comfortable wearing experience and to isolate noise.

If you need a battery charger and carrying bag, you have to pay an extra fee to buy it. The carrying case is made of sturdy nylon material, and the earbuds and cables can be easily placed inside without any crowding. The headphone case features P2 nano-coating technology to protect against sweat, moisture, and liquid spills (but you don’t throw it into the water). It can now be paired with up to eight devices and has a Deepsleep sleep mode, which Plantronics claims can give headsets up to 6 months of battery life.

For such an affordable Bluetooth headset, the BackBeat Go 2 has very good sound quality, although the low frequency may not sink enough, but still far ahead of other Bluetooth headsets of the same price. Overall, this model has anti-sweat design with reliable mid-range and high-frequency sound effects. And it is also affordable. The only issue is that the carrying case and the charging box are sold separately.


In-ear wireless headphones purchase guide

People question the fidelity of the wireless headset, and even boldly blame it, thinking that it has no merit. Of course, the sound quality of wireless headphones is not comparable to wired headphones, but it is a big mistake to say that wireless headphones have no merit.

Bluetooth headsets did have a lot of problems, but they have now improved significantly. Now we have the latest technology such as Apt-X and the energy-efficient Bluetooth standard. Compared to the past, wireless audio devices have gradually become comparable to wired devices. Today, let’s take a look at the advantages of wireless headsets.

The key points to focus on when choosing

Now that we understand the main advantages of the machine, we can now begin to understand the factors that should be considered when purchasing a wireless headset.

Honestly, it’s not difficult to buy a pair of wireless headsets, especially those who have previously bought wireless headsets. However, if you haven’t touched this before, it’s not difficult to buy a wireless headset.

Having said that, you don’t have to worry, the purpose of this article is to help you buy a wireless headset that meets your needs. So let’s take a look at the key points to focus on when choosing a wireless headset.

First of all, when buying a wireless headset, the most important thing is to look at the size and comfort. This is very important, because unlike full-size headphones, the wireless headset mainly relies on the size of the earplug to achieve passive separation. sound

Even if your headset uses active noise reduction, its size is critical. Most of the headphones are equipped with a variety of special, some special or even different materials. So, paying attention to the size of the earbuds makes it easier to find the right size earmuffs.

As for comfort, it doesn’t matter what type of headphones you want to buy, whether it’s a full-size headset, a wired headset, or a wireless headset, comfort is always the number one choice.

Therefore, when choosing a headset, be sure to read the product description carefully to ensure that the comfort of the headset is good enough.

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